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NEW Genion One

A device for managing the simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles with photovoltaic power.

NEW Lite Charging Hub


A cost-effective solution for public charging that combines DC and AC charging and minimizes operational costs.
How to electrify your fleet in 3 essential key points

How to electrify your fleet in 3 essential key points

The electrification of a company vehicle fleet is an excellent way to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future while simultaneously improving operational efficiency. An electrical fleet offers multiple benefits in terms of fuel and maintenance...

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Circontrol’s platform COSMOS adds new functionalities

Circontrol’s platform COSMOS adds new functionalities

COSMOS, an indispensable tool for EV charging networks   In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicle charging, staying ahead is crucial. Following this aim Circontrol has added new functionalities to its management platform COSMOS which allows to collect...

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