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Electric vehicle charging at supermarkets

An electric vehicle charging solution for supermarkets




Do you want to install charging points for electric vehicles at a supermarket?

The presence of electric vehicle chargers in supermarkets is increasing, as they are places where customers spend enough time to charge their EVs while shopping or enjoying their leisure time.

The installation of electric vehicle charging points at supermarkets and shopping centres will benefit you as a business because it will allow you to stand out from the competition, attract new shoppers and build customer loyalty. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of public grants to promote the installation of charging stations and present yourself as a sustainable company with a strong environmental conscience. In fact, with this extra service for your customers, you will not only increase their satisfaction, but you will also be helping to promote electric mobility and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our solution for charging electric vehicles at supermarkets

At Circontrol, we cover all charging needs at supermarkets. As well as offering chargers that you can monitor at all times, we also offer you the possibility of compiling metrics and consumption data, configuring different charge profiles —such as VIP customers, for example— or even viewing the charging status of the electric vehicles.

In fact, you could bill your customers for the energy used if you need to. As for the payment method, it will be easy for both you and your customers, as it allows you to unify the purchase and the power consumed in a single receipt.

Expand the charging points and scale our solution easily as electric vehicles become more prevalent on the roads.
Monitor your chargers and their performance.You will have control over the different profiles using them and you can bill for the consumption whenever you wish.
Improve cost-effectiveness with multiple charging, minimising the initial investment and maintenance costs when you need to charge several electric vehicles.
Offer an easy payment method to your customers,, allowing you to bill for the power consumed alongside the purchases made in a single receipt.
Avoid outages caused by overloading or the need to increase the contracted power. The energy allocated to charging the vehicle will be adjusted dynamically in line with the consumption of the rest of the facilities.
Improve the experience of your customers by offering them guidance and directions to reserved parking spaces for electric vehicles in your facility’s car park. Plus, reduce the electricity consumption of your car park with LED lighting.

A complete electric vehicle charging solution

for supermarkets and shopping centres


No need to worry. We look after the installation of the charging stations and their maintenance.

Charging Points for supermarkets
Chargers for electric vehicles with power outputs from 7.4 kW to 43 kW with conventional charging and 50 kW to 150 kW with fast charging.
Charging point monitoring and management platform
Cosmos is our cloud-based platform that allows you to monitor users and charging points. This cloud-based tool will provide you with reports on your consumption and send you notifications if any incidents arise.
Load management 

Our DLM (Dynamic Load Management) software makes it possible to distribute your company’s available power for charging electric vehicles and lets you charge several EVs simultaneously and efficiently.

Efficient parking

Our guidance and adjustable LED lighting system reduces energy consumption and parking time.


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