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Electric vehicle charging at hotels

A charging solution for your hotel




Do you want to install charging points for electric vehicles at your hotel?

The installation of an electric vehicle charging point at a hotel or tourist establishment offers high added value to customers. The increasing prevalence of electric cars in society means that many drivers will need somewhere to charge their EVs.

Adapting to this need will be essential to the future of hotels and accommodation, particularly in large cities. If you have a hotel, hostel or tourist establishment, implementing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will encourage users to choose your place to spend the night. As many customers will leave their car parked for many hours during their stay, providing a charging service at your facilities will offer them the convenience of being able to continue their journey without wasting time, improving their experience in your establishment.

Our electric vehicle charging solution for hotels

Installing electric vehicle chargers at your tourist establishment has never been so easy. Circontrol not only offers you charging stations, but also solutions to minimise your initial investment and efficiently manage the power available for vehicle charging.
Expand the charging points and scale our solution easily if necessary in the future.
Improve cost-effectiveness with multiple charging, minimising the initial investment and maintenance costs when you need to charge several electric vehicles.
Avoid power outages caused by overloading or the need to increase the contracted power at your facilities. The energy allocated to charging each vehicle will be adjusted dynamically in line with the consumption of the rest of the facilities.
Monitor your chargers and their performance. You will have control over the different profiles using them (employees, customers, visitors…) and their consumption in case you want to bill for it in the future.
Improve the experience of your customers by offering them guidance and directions to parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles in your hotel’s car park. Plus, reduce the electricity consumption of your car park with LED lighting.

A complete vehicle charging solution for tourist establishments 


No need to worry. We look after the installation of the charging stations and their maintenance.

Charging Points for hotels

Single-phase and three-phase electric vehicle chargers with power outputs between 3.7 kW and 22 kW.

Charging point monitoring and management platform

Cosmos is our cloud-based platform that allows you to monitor users and charging points at your tourist establishment. This cloud-based tool will provide you with reports on your consumption and even allow you to bill for it if required.

Load management 

Our DLM (Dynamic Load Management) software allows you to distribute the power available at your hotel for charging electric vehicles and lets you charge several EVs simultaneously and efficiently.


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