LED lighting improves user satisfaction and energy efficiency

The project implemented in car parks is designed by Saba and Circontrol

Project data

  • Parking spaces


    • Spain


    • Chile


    • Italia


    • Portugal



Saba is a leading operator specialized in parking management and develops solutions in the field of urban mobility. It operates 1,200 parking lots and 384,500 parking spaces across nine countries in Europe and Latin America, including Spain, Chile, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Andorra. Saba has invested significant effort in renovating its facilities to improve energy efficiency and has installed EV chargers.

In collaboration with BAMSA, a public-private company formed by Saba and the Barcelona City Council, Saba has addressed these challenges in Barcelona’s city center. Additionally, this solution has been implemented in Saba parking lots located in Chile, Portugal, and Italy.



To enhance user satisfaction and improve energy efficiency, Circontrol and Saba have developed the courtesy light. This system involves installing a LED light for each parking space, which offers low power consumption and adequate brightness, enhancing comfort and safety. This supplementary lighting allows for the reduction of fluorescent lights while maintaining appropriate illumination levels, resulting in cost and energy savings.

Moreover, the Cirpark Platform provides a comprehensive solution for efficient parking. It integrates the CirPark guidance system and informative LED panels to direct drivers to available spaces, reducing traffic and emissions within the parking facility.

In addition, Saba has installed 144 EV charging points across 36 parking lots in 14 Spanish cities. The chosen products, wallboxes eVolve Smart, feature a sleek and modern design that is ideal for urban areas. Its front access door optimizes space, while the robust structure ensures durability. These smart chargers support charging management solutions for multiple charging points.

Furthermore, Saba has implemented a Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system. This software enables simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles in a more efficient and balanced manner, using the available power. DLM helps prevent overloads that could lead to blackouts due to limited grid capacity.


All these features allow the mobility operator sector, and Saba, to increase user satisfaction and improve the system’s energy efficiency. The guidance system, combined with LED lighting regulated according to schedule and occupancy, reduces consumption, thus achieving savings of 85% compared to fluorescent lighting.

With the expansion of electric mobility, it will be increasingly important to install EV chargers to increase driver satisfaction. Saba is ready to face this growth and install more charging points managed with the DLM system, a scalable solution that distributes the available power reducing operating costs and avoiding having to invest in a network upgrade.

Save 85% compared to fluorescent lighting