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Home charging for electric vehicles

A home charging solution for electric vehicles

Why install an electric vehicle charging point in my home or communal garage?

The use of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly common. Mobility is increasingly adapting to drivers deciding to leave their fuel-powered cars behind and opt for new solutions that are less polluting for the environment and less harmful to people’s health. Among these solutions, 100% electric private vehicles are perhaps the most successful, thanks to their convenience and simplicity.

To supply power to these vehicles, a device is needed that makes the electricity from the general grid compatible with the vehicle’s battery, while managing its consumption. This device is a charger that, for reasons of convenience and safety, must meet a number of technical requirements, while at the same time being designed to supply our vehicle in the comfort of our homes. This is the ideal solution for supplying electricity to the battery, as it allows us to make the most of idle hours, such as at night, to charge our vehicles.

Home charge

Why choose Circontrol for electric vehicle charging at home?

Since 2007, we at Circontrol have been working on charging solutions for electric vehicles to make them increasingly efficient, convenient and resilient. Our chargers have steadily evolved to adapt to homes, and they can now be used according to the contracted power, while also providing data to monitor our spending at all times. An endeavour that has made our chargers the first choice for installers in Spain, according to the National Survey of Electric Vehicle Users.

Home charge


Over 15 years developing charging solutions for electric vehicles adapted to each household.

Home charge

Wide product range

We have different home charger solutions ready for different vehicles and homes. Whichever charger you need, we have it!

Home charge


Our chargers offer robustness, functionality and reliability above all else. So, even if you do not have a private garage, you can install it in your communal car park without worrying about a thing.

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To ensure that our products are always up and running, we provide technical support, training, documentation and all kinds of information to our customers whenever they need it.

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According to the 2019 edition of the Spanish National Survey of Electric Vehicle Users, our chargers are the favourite among Spanish installers.

Our home chargers for electric vehicles

Circontrol’s range of home chargers has a number of common features to make getting your electric vehicle ready for use simple and reliable at all times:

  • Compatible with Home BeON, for managing the power according to price and availability.
  • Available from 7.4 kW to 22 kW.
  • Compact and elegant design.
  • Simple and easy charging process.
  • Maximum safety protection.
  • Available with cable or Type 2 connector.
  • Available in single-phrase or three-phase charge.
Home charge

Wallbox eHome

Our best-selling charger, Wallbox eHome is economical, robust and easy to use. It offers the possibility to add the RS485 Modbus accessory for integration with HEMS (Home Energy Management System).

Home charge

Wallbox eNext

The different models of the Wallbox eNext charger, wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted, have the best features for the home. These include admin and set up via smartphone app, as well as remote charging authorisation and activation. It also allows you to program the activation and end time of the charge as needed.

Easy home charging for your electric vehicle

No need to worry. We look after the installation of the charging stations and their maintenance.

Home charge

Charging in a private garage

In a single-family home where the contracted power is shared among other appliances, it is essential to adjust the consumption of the EV dynamically to avoid outages. Our Home BeON sensor achieves this without increasing the contracted power.

Home charge

Charging in a communal car park

In shared car parks, where communication signals may be weak, being able to manually lock the charger is crucial. This feature and others, like the wired connector option or the indicator light to show the charger status, make charging our electric vehicle simple, convenient and reliable.


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Load management

Charging stations

Use management

Included services:

  • Training
  • Remote Assistance
  • 2nd Level Maintenance


  • Parking Guidance System
  • Regulated LED lighting


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