Home charge


Most of Electric Vehicle charging is made at home. That’s a logical situation because it’s comfortable to charge your vehicle in the place you spend most of your time. There are many types of houses but, regarding EV chargers and solutions needed, we can distinguish two: detached houses and communal blocks.

Detached houses with a garage to park the VE will install a wallbox. These chargers are often considered an appliance and that’s why they should have a nice design, be small and user-friendly. If there’s a limit in the power contracted it is also important having a device that dynamically adjusts the power allowing to charge the EV while using other appliances avoiding overloads.

In condominiums the situation is different because several EV charging station will be installed. That’s why condominium administrators may need a solution that allows managing users that are authorized to use the chargers, monitoring charging points, reporting and simulating invoices, for example.


Wallbox eHome

The best quality-price ratio for domestic charging.

Wallbox eNext

The perfect EV charger for your needs.

Home BeOn

The ultimate EV charger synchronised with your home.

Usage Management

COSMOS is the platform designed by Circontrol to collect and store data from a specific set of EV chargers located in car parks, offices & communal blocks.