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Electric vehicle charging on public streets

A charging solution for cities and towns




Why install charging points on public streets in your town?

Electric vehicle charging on public places is fundamental to generalise the electrification of mobility across society. Therefore, public administrations have an essential role to play as promotors of clean and sustainability mobility for the general public.

If your administration aspires to ensure improved air quality and greenhouse gas reductions, helping to reduce the carbon footprint, Circontrol is here for you. On-street charging is a growing trend in many administrations and towns, as it provides a high added-value and easily accessible service to EV drivers and local communities in general. At the same time, it helps to attract eco-friendly business to your city, helps enhance the value of the area and makes it possible to generate long-term municipal revenue.

Our electric vehicle charging for public spaces

Circontrol offers support for the installation of our chargers on public streets so that it can be done conveniently and simply. We not only offer charging installations, but also solutions to minimise your initial investment and efficiently manage the power available for vehicle charging.

Expand the charging points and scale our solution easily if there is more than one vehicle connected to a charging system.

Provide a convenient payment platform based on the time of use, session or kWh consumed via an integrated contactless VISA terminal or via the charging operator.

Adapt to public charging needs thanks to our security solutions, like vandal-resistant doors and connector locking, and value-added features like a courtesy light for night-time use and a large customisable surface for adding local information.

Monitor your chargers and their performance, controlling the different users and their consumption in case you want to bill for it in the future.

Easily integrate chargers with different charge point operators (CPOs) to manage and maintain the chargers while limiting power as needed. We also have our own COSMOS platform for more local management.

A complete vehicle charging solution for public streets


No need to worry. We take care of the project, from the installation of the chargers to their maintenance.

Charging Points for public streets

Single-phase and three-phase electric vehicle chargers with power outputs between 3.7 kW and 43 kW on AC and between 25 kW and 150 kW on DC.

Charging point monitoring and management platform

Cosmos is our cloud-based platform that allows you to monitor users and charging points in your town. This cloud-based tool will provide you with reports on your consumption and even bill it if required.

Load management   

Our DLM (Dynamic Load Management) software allows you to distribute your town’s available power for charging electric vehicles and lets you charge several EVs simultaneously and efficiently.


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