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Electric vehicle charging for workplaces


A charging solution for your business

Do you want to install charging points for electric vehicles at your workplace? 

If your company is thinking about switching to sustainable mobility, Circontrol can help you make the move to electric mobility and offer you a customised solution for your charging points and their management in line with your needs.

If your company aspires to be a leader in its field, anticipating and adapting to new trends is a must. In the world of mobility, the installation of charging points at workplaces will be a growing trend in the coming years. First of all, because it allows you to offer charging points to your customers and employees, attracting talent to your company. Secondly, because it improves the image of your company by presenting it as a sustainable business that is committed to alternative mobility. And, lastly, because you can now benefit from governmental support schemes to promote electromobility.

Our electric vehicle charging for workplaces

Installing electric vehicle chargers at your workplace has never been so easy. Circontrol not only offers you charging stations, but also solutions to minimise your initial investment and efficiently manage the power available for vehicle charging.
Expand the charging points and scale our solution easily if there is more than one vehicle in the future.
Improve cost-effectiveness with multiple charging, minimising the initial investment and maintenance costs when you need to charge several electric vehicles.
Avoid power outages caused by overloading or the need to increase the contracted power. The energy allocated to charging the vehicle will be adjusted dynamically in line with the consumption of the rest of the facilities.
Monitor your chargers and their performance. You will have control over the different profiles using them (employees, visitors, corporate fleet…) and their consumption in case you want to bill for it in the future.
Improve the experience of your employees and visitors by offering them guidance and directions to reserved parking spaces for electric vehicles in your company’s car park. Plus, reduce the electricity consumption of your car park with LED lighting.

A complete vehicle charging solution for workplaces 


No need to worry. We look after the installation of the charging stations and their maintenance.

Charging Points for workplaces
Single-phase and three-phase electric vehicle chargers with power outputs between 3.7 kW and 22 kW.
Charging point monitoring and management platform
Cosmos is our cloud-based platform that allows you to monitor users and charging points at your workplace. This cloud-based tool will provide you with reports on your consumption and even bill it if required.
Load Management
Our DLM (Dynamic Load Management) software allows you to distribute your company’s available power for charging electric vehicles and lets you charge several EVs simultaneously and efficiently.

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Diseñado por CIRCONTROL para recopilar y almacenar datos de un conjunto específico de puntos de carga de VE para la monitorización y la creación de informes. Esta plataforma basada en la nube tiene un panel de control intuitivo y fácil de usar y ofrece informes personalizables según el usario, cargador, consumo y tarifas, incluyendo la simulación de facturas.

Dynamic Load Management

Los conductores de vehículos eléctricos quieren cargar sus vehículos de forma rápida, especialmente en espacios públicos o semipúblicos mientras que los proveedores del servicio quieren reducir sus costes. Esta situación requiere un sistema inteligente de gestión de la carga y aquí es donde entra en escena el Dynamic Load Management El sistema DLM permite la carga simultánea de múltiples vehículos eléctricos en menos tiempo utilizando la potencia disponible de forma más eficiente y equilibrada. Este software permite afrontar los principales retos de la carga simultánea evitando una sobrecarga que puede causar un apagón y sin necesidad de invertir en una actualización de la instalación eléctrica.

CirPark Solutions for efficient parking

Intelligent Parking Guidance System, Efficient Led Lighting System, Electric Vehicle Charging System