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Vehicle charging for electric fleets


A charging solution for professional fleets

Why opt for an electric fleet for your business?

Vehicle fleets are essential for many companies in different areas, such as courier services, technical assistance and the delivery of goods. It must be efficient and simple to charge these electric vehicles so the different transports can complete their routes smoothly and at minimum cost.

If your company has a fleet of vehicles, electrifying it is a necessary step to adapt to the new mobility, which is increasingly focused on a lower impact on the climate and people’s health. Circontrol can help you take this step with complete peace of mind, minimising installation and maintenance costs, while facilitating the management and monitoring of all charging points. This is not only an investment in a cleaner and more sustainable activity, but it will also allow you to access public grants and to promote your company as environmentally friendly.

Our electric vehicle charging solution for professional fleets

At Circontrol, we have everything ready to electrify your fleet in a way that is customised and specific to your needs. Our charging infrastructures are scalable, allowing you to adapt as your business grows and to save on installation, energy and operational costs.

As well as chargers, we offer various charge monitoring and management solutions, enabling you not only to adapt to the available power and circumstances, but also to obtain detailed information about every outlet and vehicle in real time. This helps you to resolve any incidents more quickly, as well as to make informed decisions.

Scale the charging points and expand their capacity easily as your EV fleet grows, thus limiting the investment to the current needs of your business.
Avoid power outages due to overloading, modulating the power between different charging points depending on the overall consumption of the facilities.
Prioritise charging points to reduce downtime for the most frequently used vehicles. You can do this remotely, with more flexibility and without communication issues, as our chargers can continue to charge even if the connection is lost.
Monitor your chargers and their performance, obtaining metrics and consumption data according to each profile that you can bill for if you wish. With some chargers, you can even check the charging status of your electric vehicle at any time.
Reduce the consumption of your indoor car parks thanks to our guidance and LED lighting system, which will also allow you to indicate the availability of your electric fleet’s charging spaces.

A complete vehicle charging solution for professional electric vehicle fleets 

No need to worry. We take care of the project, from the installation of the chargers to their maintenance.

Charging Points for electric fleets
Single-phase and three-phase electric vehicle chargers with power outputs between 7.4 kW and 43 kW on AC and between 25 kW and 150 kW on DC.
Charging point monitoring and management platform
Cosmos is our cloud-based platform that allows you to monitor users and charging points at your workplace. This cloud-based tool will provide you with reports on your consumption and even bill it if required.


Load management 
Our DLM (Dynamic Load Management) software allows you to distribute your power available at your facilities for charging electric vehicles and lets you charge several EVs simultaneously and efficiently.

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