Tele2 Arena Parking manages 160 EV charging points with DLM premium

It also monitors and adjusts the power used in the building.

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Stockholm Parkering is a company of the Stockholm City Council that manages 65,800 parking spaces, 1,200 of which are with EV chargers. In cooperation with Sundrive, Circontrol has supplied more than 700 of the 1,200 public charging points in Stockholm since 2016. Installation and configuration support as well as integration with the city’s IT system was provided by Sundrive.

Tele 2 Arena is a stadium with a capacity for 45,000 people in which sports competitions and concerts take place. Its has 693 parking spaces and a minimum of 20% must have EV chargers installed. The available power for the parking lot is 750A and 400A for the charging points. The challenge is to provide sufficient power to enable easy, fast, and cost-effective simultaneous charging, while avoiding overloading.



To ensure sufficient electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces, Stockholm Parkering has installed 160 charging points manufactured by Circontrol. This includes 62 eVolve posts and 18 eVolve wallboxes that can be installed on the wall.

The eVolve product range, including both the post and the wallbox models, features a modern and thoughtful design suitable for urban areas. These charging stations have a front door that optimizes the available space, and their aluminum and ABS plastic housing provides good protection, increasing their useful life. They are equipped with communications, an RFID reader, MID, and OCPP meters, which are important for installing multiple charging points and using charging management solutions.

Given the simultaneous operation of multiple EV charging points, charging management solutions are a must. Stockholm Parkering has chosen to install a Dynamic Load Management System (DLM). The DLM is a software that efficiently uses the available power and balances it among the different chargers, allowing for the simultaneous charging of several EVs in less time. This system prevents overcharging due to limited grid capacity. At Tele2 Arena, a DLM system has been installed, which is recommended when the charging points are connected to other installations and share the available power. DLM monitors the power used by the building and adjusts the power available for the charging points.


Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent, and many drivers will charge them in parking lots while attending events such as concerts or sports competitions. This is why it is important for venues like the Tele2 Arena to offer EV charging points in order to attract more users and enhance their satisfaction.

As the number of EVs grows, the installation of more chargers will be necessary. The DLM system provides a significant advantage in this regard: scalability. It has been designed to monitor and manage up to 90 charging points. Additionally, it is possible to upgrade the building’s energy monitoring kit to include a 1000A current transformer.

Scalable solution that allows to reach up to 240 chargers.