Petronas Twin Tower, the challenge of a huge and emblematic building

adapted to different user profiles with different needs and the growing presence of electric vehicles.

Project data

  • Parking Bays


  • VMS (Variable Message Signs)


  • Entrance Information Panels


  • Energy Meters


  • Optic Fiber Network

  • Centralized Control Room


The Petronas Twin Towers, reaching a height of 4,519 meters and consisting of an 88-story twin structure, is the crown jewel of Kuala Lumpur. This complex houses the headquarters of Petronas Corporation, Malaysia’s national petroleum company, as well as the renowned Suria KLCC Shopping Mall.

Beneath this impressive structure, there is also a remarkable four-level car park with 5,400 parking bays. With various uses and users within this massive building, designing a parking guidance system that caters to these diverse needs is crucial in enhancing user satisfaction and reducing operational and management costs.

Furthermore, the growing prevalence of electric vehicles necessitates the provision of electric vehicle charging points, particularly for customers of the Suria KLCC mall who can conveniently charge their vehicles while visiting its upscale stores. With this trend in mind, enabling the simultaneous and cost-effective charging of multiple vehicles has become a pivotal aspect in keeping up with the advancement of electromobility.



In a large car park such as Petronas’, a guidance system is crucial. They have implemented CirPark’s Guidance System and Find Your Car in a comprehensive approach. Integration with City Centre Signage is also essential in this case.

For different user profiles, there is a VIP Place reservation available. In terms of varying durations of stay, there is a quick parking area with a 2-hour overstay alarm and the option to switch dynamically from a season to a transient area based on a schedule.

To ensure that customers always have access to a charging point, they have installed 20 eNext Park wallboxes. These 22-kW smart chargers with communications not only offer a sophisticated design that is suitable for stylish locations but also can be wall or floor mounted via a pedestal. They can be connected to cloud-based software like our Cosmos platform or any other backend, providing benefits such as user management, billing, remote error diagnostics, etc. Additionally, the eNext Park supports DLM (Dynamic Load Management) integration, which facilitates simultaneous charging sessions that are more efficient, faster, and cost-effective.


A comprehensive Dynamic Parking Guidance System provides different parking options that cater to the needs of users and operators at any given moment. This system not only reduces traffic within the parking area, but also helps decrease pollution and enhance user satisfaction by providing the necessary information when needed.

In a building like this, it is crucial to measure energy usage. That is why 54 energy meters have been installed to track energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

When it comes to electric vehicle charging, a shopping area requires multiple charging points that can operate simultaneously. Suria KLCC has opted for a dynamic load management system to prevent overloads and ensure fast and efficient charging sessions. They have installed our DLM (Dynamic Load Management) Premium system, a software that effectively distributes the available energy of the building for electric vehicle charging, while also balancing the load among different chargers. Additionally, since three-phase charging units were selected, the DLM system can handle them as well, offering up to 22 kW per charging point. This allows for semi-fast charging sessions, which are ideal for malls and shopping centers.

Customers can conveniently charge their vehicles while they shop.