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Our history

  • 1997

    Founded in 1997 by Ramón Comellas, we initially focused on software development. However, over time, we expanded our operations to include additional lines of business: access control, guidance systems for parking and even fire detection.
  • 2008

    We started on the EV charging business and manufactured our first electric vehicle charger.
  • 2021

    We have installed over 150,000 charging points, kept a sustained growth over the years with a global presence.
  • 2023

    We have more than 250 employees on staff, 55% of whom are engineers, and a strong annual investment in R&D.

Pioneers in EV charging

We are a company that manufactures and designs solutions for efficient mobility and electric vehicle charging. Headquartered in Viladecavalls (Barcelona, Spain), we are part of the Circutor Group and have a solid business track record of more than 25 years. In fact, Circontrol we launched our first electric vehicle charger back in 2008 when hardly anyone was talking about electric mobility. This fact, along with our firm commitment to innovation, our international vocation, and our family essence, has deeply influenced our path, and today we can proudly say that we are of the main leaders in the European electric mobility market.

Charging solutions for all market segments

We have expanded our range of products over the years, with a specific focus on electric vehicle charging and efficient parking. As a result, we stands out for offering a wide range of charging solutions tailored to meet the needs of each market segment and the type of charge (AC or DC). We cater to all market segments, ranging from residential charging to ultra-fast charging. Additionally, we provide chargers that are ideal for vehicle fleets, companies, shopping centers, and other parking facilities.

EVolving Together

Much more than EV chargers manufacturers

In addition to our electric vehicle chargers, ranging from domestic chargers to HPC, we develop and manufacture solutions that complement them and make them even more efficient. We achieve this by always focusing on the needs of our customers and electric vehicle drivers.

Some of these solutions are suitable when there are multiple charging points in one location, as they address the challenges that arise from this situation. Managing the load dynamically, monitoring and reporting the related data, or reducing operational and installation costs through a Master-Satellite solution can make a significant difference.

Constant commitment to innovation

Every year, we have reinvested a significant part of our profits into the development of new products and solutions to adapt to the market needs. In addition, approximately half of our workforce are engineers who are dedicated almost exclusively to implementing improvements and developing new products.

Specialists in fast and ultra-fast charging

Another of our strengths are our fast and ultra-fast charging solutions. Over the years, we have developed several high-power chargers designed especially for locations where charging time must be reduced to a minimum. Our range of products currently offers chargers of up to 400 kW. This, combined with their durability, reliability, and user-friendly design, has made us a leading manufacturer in the global electric mobility market.

Internationalisation as a key factor

We have maintained stable and solid growth in recent years, following in the footsteps of the electro mobility market in Europe. Our internationalization has been a determining factor throughout our more than 25 years of history. Currently, we have a strong presence in Europe, as well as in South America and the Persian Gulf.

Leading manufacturer in the global electric mobility market

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Work with us

At Circontrol, we are continuously expanding our efforts to promote more sustainable mobility worldwide. The key to our success lies in our dedicated team. Take a look at our offers and don’t hesitate to sign up to become part of our big family.

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