eBus charge
eBus charge

Electric bus charging

A charging solution for ebus fleets

Do you want to install charging points on bus fleets?

Population growth, demands for emission reductions in urban areas and the search for highly efficient vehicles are issues that are becoming increasingly prevalent. Twenty-first century cities have the challenge of improving urban mobility, and electrifying the bus fleet is one way to achieve it.

With Circontrol’s fast or hihg-power charging infraestructure, electric bus fleets will be able to charge in depots overnight so they can cover their entire route during the day. In addition, Circontrol’s electric bus chargers are compatible with pantograph charging, minimising risks when connecting them and avoiding cables on the ground and other inconveniences.

eBus charge

Our solution for charging electric buses at depots

As well as electric bus chargers with the perfect power output to charge electric buses in depots overnight, we also offer a multi-charge solution that is ideal for bus fleets, the possibility to monitor charger activity, generate reports and report incidents via our cloud-based platform.

eBus charge

Wide range

Overnight depot charging with our electric bus chargers with power outputs from 22 kW on alternating current (AC) to 150 kW on direct current (DC).

eBus charge

Dual charge

Simultaneously charge two electric buses on direct current (DC) with the Raption 150, our 150 kW fast charge station.

eBus charge

Compatible with pantograph

Combine fast charge with a pantograph output or other accessories like cable reels to minimise accidents. The Raption series is compatible with both accessories.

eBus charge

Perfect for fleets

Make the most of multi-charge if you have a bus fleet thanks to our Master-Slave solution.

eBus charge

Cloud-based monitoring

Monitor the chargers and extract reports. If there is an incident, you will be notified and be able to generate detailed reports.

A complete charging solution for your electric bus fleet

No need to worry. We look after the installation of the charging stations and their maintenance.

eBus charge

Charging Points for buses

Chargers for electric buses and minibuses with power outputs from 22 kW to 43 kW with conventional charging and 25 kW to 150 kW with fast charging.

eBus charge

Accessories for safely charging electric buses

The Raption series offers pantograph output and other accessories to minimise accidents, like cable reels, which prevent the charger cables from lying on the ground.

eBus charge

Multi-charge solution for electric buses

If you have a fleet of electric buses, you can make the most of your investment by combining a Master charger with several Slaves, which will work as if they were all smart chargers.

eBus charge

Charging point monitoring and management platform

Cosmos is our cloud-based platform that allows you to monitor users and charging points. This cloud-based tool will provide you with reports on your consumption and send you notifications if any incidents arise.


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Load management

Charging stations

Use management

Included services:

  • Training
  • Remote Assistance
  • 2nd Level Maintenance


  • Parking Guidance System
  • Regulated LED lighting


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