Ultra-fast chargers

Our ultra-fast charging stations are reliable, flexible, and provide a seamless charging experience. They have been designed to lead the growth of electromobility and to respond to EV drivers who seek a similar experience to that of traditional ICE vehicles.

Raption Compact 160

The perfect balance of compact design, power, and dual charging


Raption Compact 240

Greater dose of power for a convenient simultaneous charging


Raption 400 HPC

The ideal solution for areas with high traffic density and EV charging hubs


Quick multi-charge System

The most flexible, cost-effective and efficient multi-charging solution for EV on the market


Discover our ultra-fast chargers (UFC) and high-power chargers (HPC) for electric vehicles

In areas of high traffic density, such as traditional gas stations, service stations, or highways, where users seek to minimize charging time in order to continue their journey as soon as possible, HPC and UFC charging solutions are essential. Circontrol, which has a long trajectory in developing charging solutions for electric vehicles, has taken its Raption series to the highest power levels on the market. With a focus on usability and charging speed, our HPC and UFC chargers are ready to charge the new electric vehicles models and offer charge point operators and owners the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability they need.

This is possible thanks to its power-module architecture based on high-efficiency power modules that ensure great uptime and lower energy consumption because modules can be disconnected when needed and, in the event of a failure, the rest of the modules can keep the charge running. Besides, the possibility to configure the charging station as a Master also results in less operational costs.

Ready for new EVs

Our series is equipped with cooled cable technology, allowing it to adapt to the charging curve of any EV. With a voltage capacity of up to 920V and power output of 400kW, our series has been developed to provide a stable DC high-power charge at 500A.


Flexible and scalable high-power solution, perfect for meeting the increasing demand for electric vehicles. Combine power units and dispensers to operate within 200 to 400 kW range or configure the charging station as a Master in multipoint scenarios for cost optimization.

Focused on EV drivers

Flexible and simple payment and authentication. The 15-inch touchscreen has an intuitive interface that, along with courtesy lights, enhances the user experience.