Semi-fast chargers

Our semi-fast charging stations are a scalable, reliable and user-friendly solution, particularly useful for charging electric vehicles during extended periods, while ensuring the longevity of the batteries.

eNext Park & Elite

An attractive design with display and communications for remote management


eVolve Smart

A great combination of durability, design, and communications


eVolve Master-Satellite

The most efficient and cost-effective multi-charge solution


Quick multi-charge System

The most flexible, cost-effective and efficient multi-charging solution for EV on the market


Discover our semi-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles

Circontrol’s semi-fast charging stations are designed for installation in both public and private environments, whether indoors or outdoors. They provide an economical and scalable solution for charging vehicles that do not require a very short charging time. AC semi-fast chargers are especially useful for fleets, workplaces, hotels, or residential areas where most EVs will be parked for an extended period, typically overnight.

Our AC chargers offer an excellent platform for expanding your charging infrastructure based on your needs. They can easily be combined with fast or ultra-fast chargers. Additionally, semi-fast charging solutions are cost-effective in terms of infrastructure and energy consumption.


Our AC chargers provide an excellent platform to expand a charging infrastructure, being easily combined with fast or ultra-fast chargers to create an efficient charging network.


Our AC semi-fast chargers have been developed to deliver excellent performance in various environments, whether public or private, indoor or outdoor. They are designed to adapt to user needs while also protecting grid networks.

Focused on EV drivers

We have taken special care to offer an excellent user experience. Circontrol’s semi-fast chargers are designed to be easy to use and intuitive for EV users.