Fast chargers

Our fast charging stations are a flexible and versatile solution, suitable for any type of electric vehicle, to minimize the charging time. They are specifically designed to be installed in locations where users stay for a short period of time.

eVolve Rapid Master-Satellite

The ideal solution for DC charging in power-limited environments


Raption 50 & 50 HV EVO

Its robustness, reliability, and appropriate power supply for public areas have made it a market leader


Raption 100

Flexibility, high efficiency, scalability, and an enhanced user experience all together in this future-proof station


Quick multi-charge System

The most flexible, cost-effective and efficient multi-charging solution for EV on the market


Know more about our fast charging solutions for electric vehicles

Our DC fast charging stations are specifically engineered to meet the needs of public and private environments where users have limited stay time. They significantly improve charging time without requiring substantial investments, becoming a cost-effective solution for environments without high-power infrastructure. Thanks to their versatility, Circontrol’s fast chargers can be easily combined with other types of chargers, improving the efficiency and optimization of the installation. With their convenient power output, performance, and size, they are an excellent option for public charging, as well as for service stations, car parks, fleets or shopping centers, among others.

Reduced charging times

Compared to AC semi-fast stations, our DC fast chargers offer much shorter charging times. In fact, they can charge most EVs up to 80% in just 30 to 45 minutes, making on-road charging operations quicker and easier.


Circontrol fast charging solutions can be installed in a wide range of spaces. They can be easily combined with AC semi-fast chargers in environments where there is no high-power electrical infrastructure (small fleets, dealerships, car sharing companies or small private car parks, among others) improving the charging speed without large investments, being a cost-effective solution.

Ready for new Evs

DC fast chargers by Circontrol have been developed to work within a voltage range of 200 to 920. That enables them to adapt from new and future electric cars to heavy EVs, such as buses or trucks.