eVolve Smart

Up to 22 kW of power to charge 130 km in 1 hour.

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eVolve Smart


Compatible with dynamic load management (DLM) system for easy system scalability.

eVolve Smart


Connectivity via Ethernet, 4G/3G/GPRS modem and easily integrated with back-office system via OCPP.

user friendly


Enhanced user experience thanks to its display and flexible authentication process.

eVolve Smart


Robust enclosure made of aluminum and ABS plastic with high durability and easy access for maintenance through the door at the front.

eVolve Smart


They include MID meters and integrated electrical safeguards.

Perfect for heavy-use environments.

This charger provides up to 22 kW of power and has been designed to meet the semi-fast charging needs of current and future cities. Its sleek and robust enclosure allows it to fit in anywhere, but it is particularly well-suited for fleets or public car parks.

A great combination of durability, design, and communications.

eVolve Smart

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