Domestic chargers

Our home charging stations are reliable, user-friendly, and offer the best cost-functionality ratio in the market. They provide a convenient charging experience for EV drivers who want to charge their vehicles from the comfort of their own homes.

Wallbox eHome & eHome Link

The domestic charger with the best price-performance ratio


Wallbox eNext

A domestic charger with an attractive design, smart features, and outstanding usability


Genion One

The optimal solution for charging EVs at home with photovoltaic power


Home BeON

The ultimate EV charger synchronised with your home


Discover our home charging solutions for electric vehicles

Circontrol’s domestic charging stations have been specifically designed for private garages and communal car parks. Our home chargers are compatible with any brand and model on the market and provide a simple and easy charging process while offering the maximum safety protection. The external design combines robustness, compactness, and elegance, matching perfectly any wall. Circontrol’s home chargers offer a range of solutions tailored to different needs. These include charge authorization via an app to protect the charger from unauthorized users, timetable programming to adjust the charging session to hourly energy rates, the integration with Home Energy Management Systems for smart management and monitoring or the dynamic power adjustment of the vehicle’swhen using other appliances at home.


Our chargers have been designed be adapted to different scenarios like private or communal parking, simultaneous EV charging, photovoltaic self-consumption systems or app connections, among others.


Our home chargers are easy to use, always providing optimal performance and maximum safety protection for users and the domestic grid network.

Multiple accessories

All our domestic chargers offer a wide range of accessories to offer a better experience according to user needs.