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eVolve Rapid

The most compact and affordable DC charging solution




The eVolve Rapid series is designed to bring fast charging to small private sites that do not have access to large high-power electricity infrastructure (small EV fleets, car dealerships, carsharing companies, small private car parks, etc.) to improve the charging speed of electric vehicles at these locations without large investments.


Concept Design

Thanks to Circontrol’s years of experience in the field of slow and/or semi-fast public charging, as well as its fast-charging Raption series, the eVolve Rapid series has been launched as a fast-charging solution that is perfect for small private locations and features two models for wall or floor installation (wallbox and post).

Designed to reduce charging times for electric vehicles with larger batteries, which will go from having a range of just over 40 or 60 km (depending on the model) if charged on AC for one hour to being able to travel nearly 150 km with the same charging time and the same enclosure.


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