Quick multi-charge System

The most flexible, cost-effective and efficient multi-charging solution for EV on the market

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Quick multi-charge System

Now also featuring the eVolve Rapid range!

The master-controlled satellite chargers.

Circontrol has evolved and enhanced its Master-Satellite system with fast chargers allowing independent control of other AC charging stations, offering a charging solution that perfectly suits the needs of every user and/or site.

Adding the eVolve Rapid range has made Circontrol’s multi-charging system significantly more flexible, modular, compact, and quicker, expanding the possibilities of creating a “do it yourself” charging network.

Quick multi-charge System


Create and customise your charging hub according to your needs.

Quick multi-charge System


Build a variety of AC and DC charger combinations using different power levels.

Quick multi-charge System


Reduce your initial investment and your operating costs.

Quick multi-charge System


Easily add more chargers as you need them.

Quick multi-charge System


Manage your chargers’ power without needing to have them connected to a remote back-office.

Quick multi-charge System


Provide your customers with fast charging at an affordable price without having to make a large investment.

What is a multi-station or Master-Satellite charging solution?

It is a combination of a master charger and a group of satellites that are controlled by this master. The entire system, including communication and the user interface, is managed through the master charger. This approach avoids the extra costs of installing these features on satellite chargers without compromising performance. The master charger also manages the charging process. Previously, it was an AC solution, although the Raption series DC chargers could also be configured as masters. With the addition of the eVolve Rapid series, DC chargers can be both masters and satellites, making the solution more flexible and efficient, and expanding its possibilities.

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