Circontrol presents its comprehensive solution for eMobility in car parks at EVS32

Circontrol presents its comprehensive solution for eMobility in car parks at EVS32

In the exhibition Circontrol will present its EV charging solutions including Master-Slave solution and Cosmos, its new cloud-based platform for monitoring and reporting

Circontrol participates in EVS32 that will take place in Lyon from 19 May to 22 May 2019, the premier event for academic, government and industry professionals involved in eMobility technologies. This symposium brings together science, institutions and industry with a150 exhibitors, 2000 delegates, 160 lectures sessions and 5000 visitors offering an event both academic and business oriented.

This year’s edition EVS32 will focus in eMobility as a core concern and how it will affect both our lifestyles and our economy facing major changes, not just in mobility but in the related businesses. Having this in mind Circontrol will present itself as more than an EV charger manufacturer, showing its solutions to operate several points and, specially, its comprehensive solution for car parks, a sector where Circontrol has an important expertise. At the exhibition Circontrol will also show its wide range of EV chargers adapted to all market segments’ need that include AC Wallboxes, AC posts and DC Quick chargers.

The most comprehensive solution for car parks

Every day more drivers will need to charge their EVs at work, in a condominium or in a shopping mall. Besides, there are some public regulations requiring the installation of charging points in car parks, such a European directive. This new reality will represent a few challenges for car park operators, fleet managers, condominium administrators.

Circontrol’s 16 years of experience designing solutions for the efficient parking and 10 years manufacturing EV chargers make Circontrol the best company to face these challenges and design a comprehensive solution that includes EV chargers, CirPark Guidance Systemintelligent LED lighting and Load Management and monitoring solutions.

Circontrol presents its comprehensive solution for eMobility in car parks at EVS32

.With all these technologies integrated all these processes are easier. You can indicate an EV charging bay with a bay sensor and automatically report faulty chargers with an Eccu-Park controller. Combining both devices you can get an automatic notification if there is an improper use if an EV parking bay and also signalise these bays by a blinking or a changing colour of the sensor.

Mobility in the car park can also be improved by adding displays that help locating the EV parking bay, check its availability and guide the driver. And if it is also integrated intelligent LED lighting system, it allows an automatic lighting regulation when a vehicle is detected or when EV charging session has started or stopped.

More than EV chargers, solutions

In a car park and in other facilities there will be several charging points operating in one location and this situation represents some challenges such as avoiding blackouts due to grid overloading, reducing installation and operational costs and make management more efficient by collecting data of your charging network.

Circontrol offers different solutions to face these challenges. One of them is Master-Slave, the most cost-effective solution of having multiple charging points controlled trough a single master unit. Moreover, it allows dynamic load management which enables automatic distribution of available power of your grid connection.

On EVS32 Circontrol will present Cosmos, its new cloud-based platform that collect and store data from a specific set of EV chargers for monitoring and reporting. This platform has an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that allows making customisable reports, including invoice’s simulation, create a charging network map, un(subscribe) users, reduce the fault resolution time through a log display. Besides, Cosmos is compatible with chargers from other brands as long as they comply with OCPP 1.6J protocol.

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