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is one of the most impressive and long-lasting systems on the market for Guidance, Find Your Car and Counting Systems.

Integrated within the CirPark Platform, it becomes a powerful management tool that optimises the traffic in car parks and provides user satisfaction, giving them the information they need, when they need it.

Operators, on the other hand, have an excellent tool to gain the loyalty of their customers, optimise traffic and occupancy, and reduce maintenance and operation.

Counting System

Level & Area counting system with full range of detectors and panel display information for Indoor & Outdoor parking facilities.

Guidance System

Indoor/Outdoor Dynamic Guidance system that manages the user information in order to optimise the occupancy and traffic of the parking facilities. Ultimate technology sensors and panels, plug&play and long-lasting. Worldwide product range oriented.

Find Your Car

Powerful system able to provide car-finding solutions based on QR Code or License Plate Recognition within lanes or “in each parking space, offering users the location and route to their own car via the user application.

Optimises traffic in car parks and provides user satisfaction by giving them the information they need

Owner Benefits

  • Customer Loyalty and Car Park reputation.
  • Efficient Traffic and Occupancy management.
  • Operational and Maintenance Reduction costs.
  • Full remote control system with auto-pilot operability.
  • Completely customizable Reports, RealTime Screens and HeatMaps.
  • Manage Guidance, Ilumination & EVChargers from one site.

Customer Benefits

  • Less time spent on locating free parking spaces.
  • Less stress and increased ease of parking.
  • Easy Location of Handicapped, EVCharge & Reserved places.
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