Circontrol gathers together its intelligent EV chargers to offer a complete and integrated solutions for car parks

Circontrol gathers together its intelligent EV chargers to offer a complete and integrated solutions for car parks

This solution allows indicating EV charging bays and monitoring its operation and usage, among other features

The spreading of electric mobility will require the installation of EV charging stations in different locations, and car parks will be very important in this matter. Circontrol gathers together its experience manufacturing EV chargers and designing solutions for Efficient Parking to develop a comprehensive solution for the integration of electric vehicle charging stations in car parks.

More drivers every day will need to charge their EVs at work, in a condominium or in a shopping mall, for example. Besides, there are some public regulations such as European directive that will require the installation of a minimum of charging points for non-residential buildings with more than 20 parking bays by 2025.

This new reality will represent a few challenges for car park operators, fleet managers, condominium administrators and other stakeholders that may install EV chargers at their premises. These challenges have to do with car park operators that need to monitor and manage charging points efficiently, and with drivers that may have problems to find the chargers or know how they work, for example.

Charging points information and indication

Circontrol has 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of EV chargers and 16 years of experience designing solutions for the efficient parking. For this reason, Circontrol is ideal to face these challenges integrating charging points with bay sensors, controllers, displays and intelligent LED lightning as a part of integrated Efficient Parking solution.

In the first place, the installation of a bay sensor integrated with the car park allows an indication of EV charging bays and their status. The usage of an Eccu-Park controller allows the report of faulty chargers. Installing both, the bay sensor and the controller, allows the detection and automatic notification by e-mail of an improper use of and EV parking bay, and also its signalization by a blinking or a changing colour of the sensor.

To improve car park mobility a display can be added to locate an EV charging bay, check its availability and guide the driver. And, if it is also integrated with an intelligent LED lighting system, it allows an automatic lighting regulation when a vehicle is detected or when EV charging session has started or stopped.

The EV charging point can also be integrated with automatic payment machines by the means of OCPP to make payment process easier.

Other features to make management easier

Circontrol also has other tools that can be useful to manage EV charging points in a car park. One of these tools is Cosmos, a cloud-based platform designed by Circontrol that allows collection and data storage from a specific set of EV chargers to report and monitoring. It allows, for example, user subscription, obtain customisable reports by user, charger, consumption and tariff including invoice simulation.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system can also be useful for a car park installation. DLM is designed to charge EVs simultaneously faster and using the power available in a more efficient and balanced way. This solution allows to face the main challenges of simultaneous EV charging avoiding an overload that may cause a blackout without having to invest on an installation upgrade.

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