New Lite Charging Hub

New Lite Charging Hub

DLM 7 Lite makes possible this new charging solution perfect for public charge

Circontrol presents at Power2Drive its new charging solution, the Lite Charging Hub which is possible thanks to DLM 7 Lite, a new and compact version of the company’s Dynamic Load Management System (DLM). This cost-effective solution for public charging combines DC and AC stations and minimizes operational costs.

One of the key features of the Lite Charging Hub is its ability to combine a DC charger with up to 7 AC chargers, thereby avoiding grid overloads. This not only minimizes operational costs but also eliminates the need for costly updates to the electrical infrastructure in the area.

The Lite Charging Hub prioritizes DC charging transactions and balances the AC charging points based on occupancy. This ensures that the vehicles that need to continue their route in less time go first, while the others balance their charge efficiently without the risk of exceeding power requirements. The key point of the solution is the compact hardware of the system that enables it to be installed in both the Raption and eVolve Series and inside an electric cabinet.

“This is a perfect solution for public areas where Charge Point Operators may face supply limits. “The system uses the Building Monitoring Kit (BMK), an optional power analyzer for the DLM, to monitor the consumption of the DC charger and to prioritize its charging sessions, preventing exceeding the power requirements of the area, that is the quid of the solution”, explains Jose Manuel Ruiz, the Product’s Manager. “As the DLM 7 Lite is capable of managing the power of up to seven AC chargers, this solution is a small or lite charging hub, that is why we have named it like this”, says Joan Sardà, the company’s Marketing Manager.

Know more about Lite Charging Hub here or other Circontrol’s DLM solutions here.

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