KSensor, closing the circle for park operators

When integrated with security and payment systems, it transforms parking into a more convenient, adjustable, secure and completely contactless experience


Circontrol has achieved a new standard in efficient parking solutions. Its CirPark platform is entering a new era thanks to the launch of the latest smart parking device: KSensor. For years, Circontrol has been able to meet different smart requirements for vehicle parking facilities, such as intelligent guidance, efficient LED lighting and integrated EV charging systems, thanks to the iPark, LEDPark and EVPark product families. But there was something missing, and CamSensor has finally come to close the circle and provide even more features for car park operators and users.


The device has been specifically designed to fill all the gaps that existed in the area of efficient car parking, also improving almost all of the existing features. Its main contribution lies in its high resolution and image recognition technology that makes it possible to view and record up to six parking places via live streaming. The images are sent through a cable directly to the parking operators, allowing them to know exactly what is happening in each parking bay at all times. This also means the device can function as an integrated video surveillance camera, which will substantially increase the security control standards in the facility.


The perfect car park image recognition solution

However, KSensor not only records, but can also distinguish the shape of vehicles and their number plates thanks to high-standard image recognition software. This differs from the traditional ultrasound-based technology and, integrated with the smart parking system, the KSensor can use this image recognition feature to detect a vehicle in a space and recognise its number plate, and therefore match each parking place with each vehicle and its driver.


In addition, this new device can acquire all this information and process it in non-optimised park facilities, adapting to low light conditions and high humidity environments. This feature, combined with the adjustable image resolution depending on the recording situation, means that KSensor is able to adapt to all kinds of parking facilities and continue functioning even with limited data processing capacity. Its camera and hardware are also integrated and protected against different environmental conditions, reducing possible technical problems and minimising operating expenses (OPEX).


On the path to parking excellence

KSensor is not only a very useful specialised parking hub image recording and recognition device. Thanks to its number plate recognition feature, it completely enhances the Find Your Car service already present in iPark solutions, accurately locating specific vehicles and thereby improving user satisfaction. In addition, when integrated with the parking payment service, the device allows a completely contactless and convenient experience by linking parking bay occupation with number plate recognition, EV charging and the payment itself.


Finally, as part of the CirPark family, KSensor is completely integrated with any of the other Circontrol systems specially designed for car parking facilities, such as smart LED lighting, EV charging infrastructures and intelligent vehicle guidance. This, in addition to its quick and easy installation —which reduces capital expenditure (CAPEX)—, makes CamSensor the best partner in the pursuit of the perfect parking experience and makes it a 360º solution, with ideal solutions for every need.


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