Charging in indoor &

outdoor parking facilities 

EV Charging integration
for car parks

The installation of EV chargers in car parks come together with the challenge of making its management as easy as possible. Circontrol brings together its sixteen years of experience designing solutions for the efficient parking and its ten years of experience designing and manufacturing EV chargers to create an integrated solution for carparks. With this integration users’ comfort, EV chargers’ performance and car park operators’ profits will increase. 

The Integration

This integration improves traffic inside of the carpark indicating presence and location of EV charging bays through displays and its availability with bay sensors. The colour change of the sensor may also indicate that a non-electric vehicle has occupied an EV charging bay. All this, together with intelligent LED lighting, may be automate through an Eccu-Park controller.

Other Features


A cloud-based platform designed to collect and store data from a set of EV chargers for monitoring and reporting.


Integration with car park payment machines through OCPP standard. 


Dynamic Load Management system is designed to charge simultaneously several EVs in less time using the available power in a more efficient and balanced way.