eVolve Master-Satellite

Up to 43 kW of power to charge 260 km in 1 hour.

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eVolve Master-Satellite
eVolve Master-Satellite


Reduction of the installation CAPEX thanks to the centralisation of the management of up to 8 satellites through a master charger.

eVolve Master-Satellite


Balancing of the available power to maximise the performance of the system.

user friendly


8-inch touchscreen, an intuitive interface, and a simple payment system on the Master for an enhanced user experience.

eVolve Master-Satellite


They include MID meters and integrated electrical safeguards.

eVolve Master-Satellite


Robust enclosure made of aluminum and ABS plastic with high durability and easy access for maintenance through the door at the front.

Perfect for multi-charge scenarios

These semi-fast chargers, with a charging power of up to 43 kW, are ideal for multi-charging in shopping centres, companies, vehicle fleets, and public and private car parks. The Master-Satellite architecture guarantees lower installation costs and higher efficiency in the use of available power.

The most efficient and cost-effective multi-charge solution

eVolve Master-Satellite

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