Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Optimise energy distribution in a simultaneous EV AC or DC charging infrastructure avoiding grid overload issues, minimising operational costs and integrating photovoltaics

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Dynamic Load Management (DLM)
Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Avoid grid overload

Optimise the charging of the electric vehicle (EV) by automatically adjusting to the maximum available power. Ensure that the charging rate never exceeds this limit to avoid additional costs, grid overload, and blackout situations.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Minimize operational costs with a local solution

Avoid the high cost of updating the electrical infrastructure and recover the investment in less time. In addition, thanks to its allocation at the same place where chargers are installed, it allows easy maintenance.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Priority time slots

Vehicles connected to priority plugs charge faster than others.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

AC + DC + Photovoltaic

DLM balances the load in an AC or DC charging infrastructure. In addition, it allows the integration of photovoltaic self-generation energy to use the extra power to prioritise fast-charging stations.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

OCPP Ready

Chargers can be simultaneously controlled via OCPP. The DLM lets the OCPP channel available for using your preferred backend.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Offline mode

DLM offline mode allows continuing saving of the information. Whenever there is a failure in network communications, the DLM will continue to balance power to the charging installation.

Smart solution

DLM is a smart software-based solution designed for managing energy in a multiple EV charging infrastructure working simultaneously. DLM manage the remaining available power dynamically and balances between the EV chargers in the most efficient way. This software makes it possible to customize how to distribute the power available depending on your needs. It effectively manages both AC and DC chargers, as well as the balancing of energy generated from photovoltaic installations.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)
Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

EV priority chargers & equitable distribution

The DLM allows to distribute of energy in an equitable manner or prioritize one or several EV chargers based on occupancy. When choosing to distribute energy in an equitable way, all EVs will charge at the same speed, using the available power resources.

Alternatively, if prioritization is configured for one or several charging points, the DLM will smartly manage the power distribution. In this scenario, when the power demand exceeds the available capacity, the DLM will put vehicles on standby until sufficient power becomes available. The DLM will manage the chargers waiting list, ensuring that charging occurs prioritised and organised.

By offering these options, the DLM enables flexibility in load distribution, allowing users to optimize charging strategies based on their specific needs and priorities.

Integrate Photovoltaic self-generation

DLM automatically distributes the available power of the grid or the energy from photovoltaic installations and it is compatible with any inverter on the market. The device will prioritise solar sources to minimise grid consumption or will mix both energy sources when EV charging demand increases. Thanks to its configuration, DLM allows to prioritise DC fast charging.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)
Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Remote monitoring

DLM work can be monitored remotely in real-time providing all installation’s power consumption information.

Building Management System combination

Many new buildings are equipped with Building Management Systems (BMS) to monitor and manage energy consumption, particularly in terms of efficiency and grid overload prevention. With the introduction of charging points, BMS systems can now incorporate this additional element for effective management. The DLM allows seamless integration with external monitoring software, including BMS or other monitoring systems. This integration enables comprehensive energy management and optimization within the existing infrastructure.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

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