Enhancing EV Charging: Advantages and Benefits of Universal Contactless Payment System

Enhancing EV Charging: Advantages and Benefits of Universal Contactless Payment System

The ongoing expansion of electric vehicles (EVs) signifies a continuous influx of new users to EV charging. Much like in other sectors, the seamless convenience of contactless payments has become an integral part of our daily lives. That is why we are integrating universal contactless systems into our EV Chargers. The last Circontrol’s charger to benefit from this technology has been the renewed AC charging station eVolve Smart. This strategic adoption of contactless payment technology brings forth numerous advantages for both EV charger owners and users.

Cloud-Based system

The payment devices introduced on new EV chargers use a cloud-based system. By leveraging this technology, can be easily adapted to EV Charger owner needs, with just a software update, as well as customised.

Universal contactless system offers seamless connectivity and real-time data transfer. This ensures efficient payment processing, enabling users to effortlessly complete transactions without any delays or interruptions. Furthermore, a cloud-based system allows for remote monitoring and management, providing operators with valuable insights and enabling them to optimize their charging infrastructure.


Simplifying the charging experience for EV owners across Europe is another significant advantage of a universal contactless payment system. By ensuring compatibility with the main payment platforms used throughout the continent, this system eliminates the need for users to sign up for multiple accounts.

By prioritizing the needs of the final customer, businesses can streamline the charging process and enhance the overall EV charging experience. Furthermore, this system is also an excellent solution for public EV charging infrastructure, eliminating the complexities associated with multiple payment methods and enabling effortless transactions for all users. With this method, EV user doesn’t need to be registered.

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