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This vehicle carries a Circontol EV charger that is able to load empty EV batteries

Electric vehicles are increasingly present in our roads, and its presence will grow in the next years. Roadside assistance must adapt to this reality and that’s the objective pursued by the new RACC’s (Royal Catalan Automobile Club) roadside assistance car that, using Circontrol’s technology allows charging empty EV battery giving it enough autonomy to get to the next charging station.

This car, still in testing phase, is the first multifunctional vehicle able to share its load with other vehicles. The roadside assistance car, equipped with Circontol’s charging solutions, can charge more than once in every shift and has a system that allows it to reload while moving. The car supplies 15 km autonomy in 20 minutes allowing the driver to get to the nearest charging station. Besides, this system is compatible with all charging modes and connector types present in the market nowadays.

About Circontrol

Circontrol is a company founded in 1997 with headquarters in Viladecavalls (Barcelona). Its mobility division designs and manufacture a global platform for efficient parking management (guidance system, LED Lighting, energy efficiency). eMobility division manufactures EV charging solutions adapted to all market needs (domestic charging, public charging, dynamic load management…).

Circontrol has an R+D department and invests a 6% of its annual invoicing in research and development of new products.

An 80% of Circontrol’s sales are produced in the international market, being present in 45 countries. Circontrol’s technologies manage over 400.000 parking spaces and 25.00 EV charging stations.

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