Circontrol’s platform COSMOS adds new functionalities

Circontrol’s platform COSMOS adds new functionalities

COSMOS, an indispensable tool for EV charging networks

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicle charging, staying ahead is crucial. Following this aim Circontrol has added new functionalities to its management platform COSMOS which allows to collect and store data from an EV Charging network. COSMOS simplifies and optimizes the management process, centralising all the data in an easy and intuitive dashboard.

Following this innovative culture, Circontrol has improved its platform by adding a new alerts module, new advanced rate configuration and the possibility to establish a charge schedule. The company presents all these novelties at Power2Drive exhibition in Munich.

New alerts module

By analysing real-time data from charging points, the platform allows installers or companies to anticipate problems and take preventive actions. This proactive approach helps avoid costly interruptions and maximizes operational efficiency.

COSMOS’s notifications module keeps the customer updated on the status of the charging points. He will receive instant alerts when a charging session starts, allowing him to track it in real-time from any device. Users will also receive notifications for any relevant incidents or when a session is completed, enabling them to take timely and efficient actions.

Optimise charging schedules

COSMOS offers the Smart Charging feature, allowing to establish optimised charging schedules. Through the platform, it is easy to configure different calendars with specific time periods, apply different tariffs for each period, and set charging schedules accordingly. This not only helps optimise energy usage but also reduces charging costs.

Advanced Rate Configuration

COSMOS enables now advanced rate configuration, allowing to add additional costs when applying a rate. It can offer features like free minutes per session, a monthly allowance of free minutes, fixed costs per session and fixed costs per day. This flexibility allows to customise charging plans to suit different business requirements.

As intuitive, adaptable and secure as always

In addition to all these new features, COSMOS continues to be a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge. As well as offering an adaptable platform to grow according to the business necessities and ensuring robust data security to protect confidential information. ”COSMOS provides a real full control of an EV charging network, becoming an indispensable tool”, says Felip Mora, Product Manager. Finally, Circontrol’s platform continues, of course, to allow remote charging and to provide personalised reports.

Know more about Circontrol’s management platform here

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