Circontrol supplies its first 400 kW chargers to the Canalejas 360 charging hub

  • Circontrol has provided the project with four state-of-the-art 400 kW ultra-fast chargers, four 200 kW chargers and another four 50 kW charging stations, a total of twelve fast chargers.

  • The urban charging hub will provide 2.5 megawatts of fast charging for electric vehicle drivers in Madrid and the surrounding area.

  • The project is run by the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT) and will become the most powerful urban charging hub in Spain.

Circontrol has achieved a new milestone by launching its first 400 kW chargers on the market and installing them at Spain’s most powerful urban charging hub, which was unveiled this August 30th in downtown Madrid. This will provide a total of 2.5 MW for EV charging.  The project, located in a car park in the heart of the capital, will be one of Europe’s largest indoor charging hubs and will meet fast charging needs in the centre of a big city.

The high-power charging hub was unveiled this morning by the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, together with the Environment and Mobility Officer, Borja Carabante, and the Manager of the Municipal Transport Company, Alfonso Sánchez, and is located in the Spanish capital’s Plaza de Canalejas, just one block away from downtown’s Puerta del Sol. The location of this charging hub is strategic, as it will facilitate the use of EVs in the centre of the Spanish capital thanks to the 12 high-power fast chargers that were installed. Specifically, the charging hub located on floor -1 will consist of four high-power 400 kW chargers, four 200 kW chargers and four 50 kW chargers.

A high-demand charging hub

The installation of the Canalejas 360 charging hub responds to demanding high-power needs, as the high vehicle density of the capital’s downtown core requires vehicle rotation to be fast. In this sense, Joan Hinojo, CEO of Circontrol, stresses that “with the installation of the four Raption 400 in Canalejas, the company has demonstrated once again its ability to keep pace with the market that increasingly demands more powerful and faster chargers” and adds “at Circontrol we are committed to HPC charging but we are not losing sight of the fact that EV charging must combine fast charging with slow charging in other environments such as domestic, business or leisure environments, among others and that is why we develop charging solutions for all of them”.

The success of fast charging

However, fast and high-power charging have recently become a big focus of the company’s charging solutions.  In recent months, the company has launched several fast-charging products: the eVolve Rapid range, the Raption 150 Compact – with 150 kW of power – and the Raption 350 HPC – with 350 kW – all of which were launched in 2021. This, together with its commitment through the Quick multi-charge system for centralizing and cutting installation costs, have represented great achievements for the company in recent times.


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