Circontrol boosts the power and flexibility of charging infrastructure thanks to its Quick multi-charge system

Circontrol boosts the power and flexibility of charging infrastructure thanks to its Quick multi-charge system
  • The arrival of this new system “democratizes” the quick EV charging for most of the population, making it more accessible and easier to manage.

  • The development of the eVolve Rapid charger with the Master-Satellite function means that facilities with several interconnected chargers can supply more power.

  • The solution is based on the Master-Satellite function, which allows several satellite chargers to be managed from a single master device, granting the reduction of installation and maintenance costs.

  • Flexibility is the major advantage of this new solution, making it possible to use more types of chargers to fit the needs of the operator.


Circontrol evolves and improves its Master-Satellite system to offer a multi-charge solution designed to fit any need and all charging contexts. With the addition of the eVolve Rapid series to the Master-Satellite family, the new Quick multi-charge system will offer the possibility to combine AC and DC chargers serving as either masters or satellites. This will make easier to create a custom charging infrastructure tailored to operators, minimizing operational costs and reducing the initial investment.

The new system, which will be launched on 14 December, will also make possible to manage a whole series of AC or DC chargers from a single master device. As a result, and with the addition of the Satellite eVolve Rapid chargers, it will no longer be necessary for every DC charger to be equipped with smart functions. In addition to making the installation cheaper, this also enables all these charge points to supply up to 25 kW of power at once.

In the words of Joan Hinojo, Circontrol’s Managing Director, “the arrival of the Master-Satellite eVolve Rapid and the creation of the Quick multi-charge system democratize high-speed charging, making it accessible to all population. This is a gamechanger for electric charging in public spaces, bringing more power to more people, with added flexibility while reducing costs for operators and end users alike”.

More versatility for complex infrastructures

The major novelty of the Quick multi-charge system lies in its versatility. Thanks to the option to combine AC and DC chargers in the role of master or satellite, each operator can adapt their chargers depending on the desired power. The opportunity to combine chargers regardless of the type of current makes it possible to have facilities with semi-fast and fast charging, with the option to choose one or the other as needed.

In contexts where fast charging is important, this innovation allows for several chargers managed from a single device to supply 25 kW of power within a range of 100 to 920 V to all vehicles connected. This is a new possibility on the market, which until now only allowed most vehicles to charge at a maximum of 7.4 kW, representing a leap of more than 17 kW of charging power. Ultimately, this is a 130% increase in charging speed for most of the electric vehicle population.

Lower installation costs

With the evolution of the Master-Satellite function, the Quick multi-charge system makes it possible to enhance charging power without increasing the costs. Managing charging for various chargers from the master device means that this is the only one that requires smart functions, such as user authentication, contactless payment and the screen displaying charge options and information.

This distribution of functions not only makes satellite devices cheaper, but simplifying charge points makes them more resilient, resulting in less possible errors without losing performance. As a result, the fast multi-charge system is a perfect choice for setting up an EV charging facility at busy places, such as public car parks, shopping centers, companies and vehicle fleets, where the charge speeds required by users can vary greatly.

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