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Guidance system, illumination and existence of electric vehicle charging stations can be very important to increase costumer’s loyalty, safety and cost reduction

Park the car is, probably, the first thing to do when you arrive to a shopping center. That’s the reason why making this easier for the costumer could be a key issue to make them choose your mall instead of another. It’s important to notice too that car park management also represents a cost regarding its maintenance and its consumption. Having all this in mind, Circontrol has designed an efficient parking management global system that includes: parking guidance system (indoor and outdoor), LED lighting system, electric vehicle charging stations installation and all this managed with CirPark SCADA platform.

Parking Guidance system

The first concern of a client that arrives at a shopping mall by car is finding, quickly and easily, a place to park his car. That’s why a Parking Guidance System that allows finding empty spaces quickly, reducing the stress, saving time and fuel, reducing risks and improving mobility inside the parking is a key issue.

Circontrol offers all this with its CirPark Indoor Parking Guidance System, a powerful management tool that optimizes car park’s mobility giving to the users all the information that they need and guiding the driver to free spots in a quick an easy way.

CirPark includes among its features different vehicle detection technologies, a wide range of light indicators and informative displays, indicating free spaces and where to find them. All this combined with an easy and quick installation and adapted to all kind of supports.

Frequently these parking spaces are located outdoors. This growing need together with Circontrol’s experience gained working in indoor parking guidance system, has made possible CirPark Outdoor Guidance System. Among his features it includes an OTA (Over-The-Air) wireless system, remote sensor’s list management, adjustable environment learning process and a filter of environment noise.

LedPark, increasing efficiency while reducing costs

Lighting is another key issue to improve costumer’s experience. This is critical to create a more comfortable environment and a greater sense of security, with the resulting increase of costumer’s loyalty. The right choice regarding lighting it’s also important for the parking operator because it can result in an important cost reduction. A first step would be choosing LED lighting, cheaper and more efficient, but Circontrol goes one step further with its LedPark System.

LedPark is an intelligent lighting system that, integrated with CirPark Guidance and Occupancy System, adjusts the luminosity regarding schedule and vehicle’s and people’s flow. With this system the reduction in consumption and costs, installation, maintenance and emergency lighting is much bigger than with other traditional lighting systems. This system can lead to a reduction from 74% to 84% of energetic consumption compared to a system with fluorescent lights.

Parking solution for Shopping Centers

Integrated solutions with Scada Software

All these parking solutions are part of a global concept of efficient parking that is managed with CiPark Scada Software. Through this management and monitoring software you can optimize the configuration and create statistics and reports with internet connection. This platform is the most powerful and comprehensive tool, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the operating costs of parking whilst providing the maximum level of ease for users.

Electric vehicle charge

Electric vehicle is a growing sector with sales that keep increasing every year and more people bet on this sustainable vehicles. The time spent on a shopping center could be a good moment to charge it and, as a consequence, the fact of having charging stations available for costumers could make some costumers choose your establishment instead of other.

Circontrol has a wide experience designing and manufacturing charging stations for electric vehicles, with more than 25.000 charging stations working worldwide. That’s why its efficient parking concept can be completed with the installation of a charging station that fits with customer’s needs.

Consolidated system in shopping centers worldwide

The global efficient parking concept designed by Circontrol (with more than 450 car parks working) has been operating in shopping centers worldwide for many years. Among the success stories you can find shopping malls such as The Pavillion, the most important in Durban (South Africa) with an area of 120.000 square meters, 1.8 million visitors each month and 2.644 parking lots. In Latin America there are Jockey Plaza, a shopping mall located in Lima with 230 shops and 1.826 parking slots; and ÁGORA Mall, the first shopping center in the Caribbean certified under the parameters of Leadership and Environmental Design LEED ad with 2.571 parking slots. And you can find it also in Abdali Mall, shopping and leisure center located in Amman, Jordan’s capital, with an area of 227.000 square meters and 2.435 parking slots. You can see all the details of these projects in Circontrol’s website.

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