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The building of this electric vehicle charging station is a project framed in the FEDER Operational Program for Catalunya 2010-2020 financed by European Regional Development Fund

The Electric Vehicle Charging Station project, with the reference RD15-1-0035, has been co-financed by European Regional Development Fund framed in the FEDER Operational Program for Catalunya 2010-2020. These grants for industrial investigation and experimental development are framed in Europe 2020 strategy that establishes R+D as the main driver for economic transformation to achieve a competitive and sustainable model that promotes occupation and social cohesion. The Catalan Government, in line with Europe 2020, has also approved its strategy Catalunya 2020, that has the same goals.

Circontrol, an innovative company that works in energetic efficiency an emobility making a great effort in R+D; all this fits with the objectives of building a more productive, innovative and sustainable industrial network. For that matter, the boost of emobility is very important, and the first step to get it is to have a better charging infrastructure. The building of ElectricVehicle Charging Stations such as the one planned in this project are very important to make the extension of emobility a reality in Catalunya.

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