It is expected to save up to 200 MWh annually with this measure

Since the end of 2019, Circontrol reuses the energy consumed in the Raption 50 load test process. During the manufacturing process, these chargers are checked and verified before reaching the market with a charging simulation test which involves a big waste of energy.

Since this moment, the system was carried out on a resistive load resulting in a loss of energy due to heat dissipation. However, with the new system, the energy returns to the grid within a closed loop system that avoids the waste of energy. In addition, the improvement also affects the total cost of the energy consumed by the company and avoids to expand the contracted power.  

With this measure, Circontrol will save up to 200 MWh per year, a high energy consumption driven by the increase of the production capacity in the recent months due to the strong demand for charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. In this way, the company contributes to minimize the environmental footprint not only promoting electric mobility, but also managing more efficiently the resources required to carry out its activity. 

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