400 Circontrol rapid EV chargers to be installed for UK pubs

400 Circontrol rapid EV chargers to be installed for UK pubs

Partnership between SWARCO eVolt and Engenie will remove up to 4.8 tonnes of harmful NOx from UK roads annually

SWARCO eVolt, Circontrol’s partner in the UK, has unveiled its partnership with Engenie, an electric vehicle charging network specializing in rapid chargers, that will result in the installation of 400 rapid chargers for Marston’s Inns and Taverns.

SWARCO eVolt has rapidly emerged as one of the UK’s leading innovators in commercial electric vehicle charging solutions. With over 6,000 systems installed nationwide, they work with over 83 local authorities and private businesses throughout the UK, delivering charging solutions for consumers, business fleets, taxis, buses and also local authority vehicles, helping them to meet their ‘green’ responsibilities.

Engenie Ltd is an electric vehicle charging network operator specializing in rapid chargers. With a customer-first approach, Engenie provides charging points that are accessible, easy-to-use, require no membership or connection fee and operate a simple contactless payment method. Every charging point is also powered using 100% renewable electricity, forming a major part of Engenie’s commitment to enable a low-carbon transport system and pollutant-free air.

Marston’s Inns and Taverns, the UK’s leading independent and pub retailing business, has an estate of more than 1,600 pubs and family restaurants throughout the UK.

Raption 50 kW, the perfect choice

Engenie’s chargers have to meet specified standards: they are simple to use, charge at 50kW, are compatible with all EVs in the market and provide an 80% charge in 30-60 minutes. With this in mind, they have partnered with SWARCO eVolt to offer some of the most reliable hardware on the market. Raption 50 kW, designed and manufactured by Circontrol, is considered as one of the industry’s most advanced solutions.

Raption 50 kW is Circontrol’s quick charger designed to be installed in both public and private areas where vehicles need to be ready to continue their journey in less than an hour. That’s why it’s the perfect choice for a pub chain such as Marston’s.

Circontrol’s Raption 50 kW features state-of-the-art modular technology that ensures a high uptime reducing the non-operation expenditure. In case of power module failure, the rest of modules continue charging and lower energy consumption is achieved due to a sustained high efficiency level resulting from disconnecting power modules when lower charging power is requested.

Raption 50 kW is sophisticated, slim and robust, making it ideal for any site, it also features an eight inch touch-screen display and contactless payment, a requirement that all Engenie chargers must meet. This makes charging process easier and increases user satisfaction as you can see in this video of a user charging with a Raption 50 kW installed outside a Marston’s pub.

Environmental commitment

With the expansion of easy-to-use rapid EV charging points, the customer will be positioned at the centre of the EV transition. Engenie chargers save 12kg of harmful NOx per charger per year. The Marston’s partnership represents 400 chargers, so a total of 4.8 tonnes annually. Over the 15 years lease term for the charger sites, 72 tonnes will be saved in total thanks to the initial 360 chargers.

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