Why is the modular architecture a great ally of the charge point operator?

Why is the modular architecture a great ally of the charge point operator?

Electromobility grows stronger and faster every month and every year, but the EV charging network remains scarce in most countries. This situation worries lots of electric vehicle users due to the range anxiety. Here’s where the DC fast chargers come to play a very important role, because they allow to refill electric vehicle batteries much faster than their domestic counterparts.

However installing  fast chargers may come with an inconvenience: higher number of kW means higher energy requirements that may not be suitable or affordable at the present time. That is why being able to easily adapt the energy of the charger to every operator’s location is a key point, and that’s exactly what the modular power technology present in every fast, ultrafast and HPC charger of Circontrol does best.

Adapt to every context with complete reliability

The modular architecture of all our Raption models, built through several power modules, makes the adaptation to the contracted power of every facility much easier. If an operator can not afford all the energy required for a high power charge, the same charger but with less power can be installed without any inconvenience. Later, when the moment comes, this charger can easily be upgraded to match with the new EV batteries’ possibilities while reducing the installation costs.

But this is not the only advantage of the modular architecture of Circontrol’s electric vehicle fast chargers: it improves the charger’s uptake and reliability. In this sense, in the case of power issues that could affect a power module, the charger does not stop, allowing the rest of modules to keep working perfectly. This makes the charge much easier both for the charging point operator and the user, providing a simple and easy user experience.

In the end, this modular architecture has been conceived to make EV charging a comfortable, simple and efficient technology. A proper way to promote an easy, reliable and long-lasting charging hub network to follow the electromobility pace with complete confidence and peace of mind.

You can know more about our electric vehicle fast chargers here.

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