During last months Circontrol has been working on the setting up of its new Showroom, placed in its headquarters in Viladecavalls (Barcelona). It’s an innovative space that aims to illustrate how Circontrol’s solutions contribute to the improvement in efficient mobility and electro mobility. A space where clients, suppliers and other interested professionals can observe the global solutions that the company offers on efficient parking management and electric vehicles charge.

The new Circontrol’s Showroom shows the main products for Mobility and eMobility divisions. You can see the different solutions for electric vehicle charge: Wallbox charging point for domestic use and car parks, charging posts for urban spaces, ultra quick charging station and multi-point system.

Regarding Mobility division you can see the parking guidance system, the system to show occupancy on car parks, the led lighting system and the efficient parking solutios. Moreover, on the showroom you can see how SCADA, the software that integrates all the installed solutions, works.

The new showroom on Circontrol
One of these new Showroom objectives is publicize the solutions that Circontrol offers, allowing also to show Circontrol’s brand identity and its commitment to energetic efficiency.

Circontrol is a global leader in its sector, with over 380 car parks managed using its efficient solutions for car parks and about 25.000 electric vehicle charging points in use around the world. If you need more information, contact us.

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