This is one of the strictest regulations within the EVSE equipment

Three of our charging stations (Wallbox eVolve Smart T, Post eVolve Smart T, Post eVolve Smart C63 One) have fulfilled all the requirements according to the Technical Compliance Checklist for Electric Vehicle Charging System TR25:2016 stated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) Singapore, which is one of the strictest standard within the EVSE equipment.

To meet this goal, several quality tests have been carried out by different testing laboratories, including: electrical safety, corrosion, solar radiation, vibration or EMC, following the IEC standards. Besides, the TR25 requires additional tests. All of them were successfully certified, attesting the quality and safety of our charging stations.

Thanks to this achievement, our AC chargers have landed in Singapore, a country with typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round.




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