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Dynamic Load Management (DLM)


DLM devices

Discover different DLM solutions based on the number of chargers:


Compact solutions:




  • Compact and light solution.
  • Installation inside the charger.
  • Installation on DIN rail.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.
  • It manages up to 7 charging points.




View Lite Charging hub solution

Size: 52.5 x 118 x 70mm


Medium-sized solutions:

DLM 15e / 30e



  • Fanless industrial PC.
  • Installation in the electrical or communications rack cabinets.
  • It manages up to 15 or 30 charging points.



Size: 240 x 60 x 173mm


Large-sized solutions:

DLM 60



  • High power
  • Installation in a Data Centre using a Rack 19”
  • It manages up to 60 charging points.



Size: 380 x 430 x 90mm


Do you need to manage more than 60 charging points?


For special projects and on-demand situations that require extensive power management for electric vehicles:

  • The DLM60 enables the parallel operation of up to 4 instances of DLM.
  • It can be a combination of different DLM15/DLM30/DLM60 units.

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