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Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Optional Features


Optional Software features

Circontrol offers on-demand features in different DLM devices:



Time-of-use rates for electricity are prevalent in many countries. Alongside providing accurate real-time power consumption data for the building, the BMK, when combined with the DLM, can be configured to adapt the available power based on factors such as contracted power, date, time, and building consumption. This functionality enables the association of available power with specific periods, optimizing electricity costs.



The DLM can also use an extension module designed for satellite-mode communication using ModBus TCP.


Optional Kits:



The BMK is a power analyser providing real-time analysis of building power consumption. While not mandatory, its installation is highly recommended in conjunction with the DLM. By leveraging the data from the BMK, the DLM’s algorithm can automatically adjust the recharging points to reduce peak demand and prevent grid overload. This combination ensures optimized energy management and safeguards the stability of the power grid.


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