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Raption 50

The perfect combination of power, design and reliability



Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, airports, road-side rest areas…) and private areas (companies with EV fleets, taxi ranks…) where vehicles need to be ready to continue their journey in less than half an hour.

Concept Design

Designed to address the main problem identified by charge point owners/ operators when fast charging (low uptime), the Raption 50 series is bases on state-of-the-art modular power technology.

Another key attribute considered was its exterior design. Sophisticated, slim and robust are just some adjectives that can be used to describe this series and features that make it ideal for any type of site (from the most stylish urban area to industrial sites).


Available the version Raption 50 (480 V) for Mexico and other Latin America countries.

Including German Eichrecht calibration law compliance certification.

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