Lite Charging Hub

by DLM 7 Lite

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A cost-effective solution for public charging that combines DC and AC charging and minimizes operational costs

Lite Charging Hub

The DLM 7 Lite makes possible this charging solution.

  • Combine your DC charger with up to 7 AC chargers avoiding grid overloads.
  • Minimize your operational costs and avoid the cost of updating the electrical infrastructure in the area.
  • Recover your investment quickly.
  • Prioritize your DC charging transactions and balance the AC charging points based on occupancy.
  • A compact solution that can be installed in both our Raption and eVolve Series and inside an electric cabinet.
Lite Charging Hub

What is DLM 7 Lite?

Circontrol’s Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system is a combination of software and hardware. The DLM 7 Lite is the compact version of this solution, capable of managing the power of up to seven AC chargers. Its small hardware size allows for installation inside a DC charger, making it very useful for certain charging segments, such as public areas, where Charge Point Operators may face supply limits. As a result, a combination of one DC charger and several AC stations can be installed, which we refer to as a Lite Charging Hub. The DC station will always have priority, and the other chargers will balance their power based on demand.

Lite Charging Hub

How does DLM 7 Lite make this charging solution possible?

The system uses the Building Monitoring Kit (BMK), an optional power analyzer for the DLM, to monitor the consumption of the DC charger. This enables it to prioritize DC charging sessions and prevent exceeding power requirements.

Lite Charging Hub

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