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A few tips to travel ecologic and comfortably

The idea of traveling long distances in electric cars that have to be recharged after only 70 or 80 miles may seem absurd to some.

But while even the fastest of DC fast-charging isn’t quite as quick as refilling with gasoline, yet, longer road trips in electric cars are possible for a few and on the horizon for many more.

We can’t deny de fact that some places are not yet prepared for such revolution. But there are some interesting initiatives underway. Such as Circontrol, Spanish Company focused in the world of mobility and charging solutions for electric vehicles, which goes one step further and installs 11 charging stations in the first electric highway in Australia, the goal of the project goes beyond making easer for the drivers to charge their electric vehicles. With these innovative charging stations installed in the public road they intend to promote the electric vehicle and attract the interest of the users to this sustainable and environmental respectful mean of transportation.

Road trips with Electric Vehicles

On the other hand, and according to Cynthia Shahan, from Clean Technica, and her experience in Electric-Car driving there are some useful tips an adventurous driver might find helpful.

– Drive Slower, the faster one drives, the more energy one uses, the longer time one spends charging. Although the traffic factor is important in this case, you can always choose slower routes, this is a different way to enjoy the journey, rather than spending along merely to sit and charge.

– Another recommendation would be to think of a place to stay on the way. A hammock if you are outdoors while you charge up, for example. There are plenty of options, and plenty of directories and blogs from EV Campers to explore.

– Know your car; try to build a relationship to the range of your EV. You should pay attention to the car’s response and get familiar with the roads and the charging areas.
– Make sure your apps are downloaded and working. ChargePoints, PlugShare, Greenlots and Electromaps (Spain) might be options to consider. This would make it easier to plan. Just keep your phone charged, because you may need to use them on the go.

In summary, get to know your car, get comfortable with the vehicle and with the road and enjoy the magic of technology, innovation and health that this E-Car brings.

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