Circontrol sponsors the conference ‘Are we electric? – Electric Vehicle Week’

Circontrol sponsors the conference ‘Are we electric? – Electric Vehicle Week’

Electrical vehicle week will focus in four targets: companies, public administrations, students and consumers

Between April 12th and 17th the conference ‘Are we electric? – Electric Vehicle Week’ will take place in mNACTEC (Catalan Science and Technical Musem) aiming to bring the reality of electric vehicle to all sort of publics. Circutor and Circontrol have participated as sponsors of this event and its president Ramon Comellas will be taking part in some sessions as a speaker.

The conference will be divided in four content blocks regarding the different targets: companies, public administrations, students and consumers. Ramon Comellas, Circutor- Circontrol president, will take part in Tuesday’s session. This session is focused on companies and Mr. Comellas will present the report “Motors, electric batteries and charging stations. Future solutions”, focused on charging stations and its territorial presence, a key issue to turn electric vehicle into a real alternative.

Circontrol will also participate in Friday April 15th session focused on consumers. In this session the topic discussed will be the key issues that might interest someone who wants to buy an electric vehicle. Joan Comellas, technical director in Circontrol, will present a comparative study on the real cost of buying an electric vehicle, given its purchase, maintenance and transportation expenses. These costs are key elements in the choice of this kind of vehicle.

Besides these two sessions, on Wednesday there will be another block focused on public administrations where the main topic will be city transformations that bet on new energetic and mobility model. Moisés Bares, Circontrol’s Deputy Commercial Director, will be the speaker of the opening conference of this session called “The European model”.

Thursday will be students’ turn with a session dedicated to future professionals to talk about the emergence of electric vehicle in universities and vocational training.

Not to forget that the conference goal is bring the reality of electric vehicle to a wider public and that’s why there will be parallel activities such as an historic exhibition about electric vehicle evolution and its components. Nissan will also exhibit its models Nissan Leaf and Nissan E-NV200 Evalia and everyone will be able to drive them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This activity will be free; you only need to sign up on the website.

The conference aims to address the electric vehicle implementation. Although it is a growing sector it only represents 1% of Spanish market share, a small figure compared with 22% Norway’s market share. At the end of 2015 there were in Catalonia 1.062 charging stations scattered thorough the territory for a fleet of 4.000 vehicles. According to Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN) data, hybrid vehicles represent 8% of the total, electric vehicles 4% and electric motorcycles represent another 4%. The goal is therefore to increase awareness of this type of vehicles presenting them as a fun, profitable, committed an efficient solution for our mobility. Circontrol thinks that it’s important to support initiatives that aim to extend sustainable mobility and the use of electric vehicle, and that’s the reason why participates as a sponsor in this event.

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