With this change Circontrol aims to provide a better response to market demands

Circontrol is a company with its own technology where innovation is a constant challenge and that is why it has undergone different changes in its twenty years of history. The first one was to abandon the security and fire detection sector to focus on mobility and efficency in car parks and the manufacture of electric vehicle charging stations. eMobility was an incipient sector when Circontrol installed its first charging station in 2008 but now it has proved to be a key sector for mobility’s present and future.
Currently Circontrol has become a benchmark and has 25.000 recharging points installed worldwide and 450 parkings managed with its efficient management system. To continue offering products that adapt to these two markets in constant growth and transformation offering innovative products is not enough; it also requires an internal organization that suits the needs of the market.
From now on, CirPark, the division dedicated to mobility and efficency in car parks, and CirCarLife, dedicated manufacture electric vehicle charging stations, will be two independent divisions with complete equipment dedicated to the product design and commercialization. This change aims to offer more innovative products, adapted to the needs of the market by providing the divisions with a more specialized staff. This internal division does not intend to untie the two new different teams; on the contrary, it aims to make them work together, both side by side, to achieve a better and more specialized final service.
CirCarLife will continue developing products that fit all market needs by offering a wider range of charging solutions and load management systems, a key point in a growing market such as emobility. CirPark will continue to innovate to achieve an increasingly efficient global car park management system that integrates traffic management, lighting and software.

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