Circontrol presents its new global solutions for electric vehicle charging at eMove360º

Circontrol presents its new global solutions for electric vehicle charging at eMove360º

New EV chargers, load management software and solutions, and car park integration among the novelties presented in this edition

Circontrol participates as an exhibitor at eMove360º, the leading fair trade in electromobility with 300 exhibitors from 25 different countries. This eMove360º edition has focused on the mobility of the future betting on a new concept of an integral fair trade that acknowledges all products, services and solutions related with electromobility. Circontrol has also choose to present its comprehensive solution that consists on EV chargers adapted to all market segments and solutions for emobility that include software, load management, integration for car parks and customer service.

From home to highway

For years, Circontrol has been offering a wide range of EV chargers that covers all market needs: from domestic charge to highway service areas. Coinciding precisely with this, Circontrol has shown two new products focused on these two market segments at eMove360º: its new WallBox eNext and its new high-power charger Raption 150.

The new WallBox eNext series represents a step forward in design with curved lines, the black piano and white matt combined and its appropriate proportion and perfect size makte it the perfect choice to match any wall. eNext range has also been designed to simplify the charging process using Presence Recognition that allows the user to activate the charge with smartphone’s Bluetooth. This wallbox has been designed to be installed in private houses, communal works, workplaces and car parks.

Raption 150 is the first high-power charger manufactured by Circontrol. With this EV charger Circontrol meets the needs of a market where EV battery capacity is increasing every day and users want to complete the charge in less time. Raption 150 allows simultaneous DC-DC charging to maximize the revenue of the operator. All these makes it the perfect chargers for highways, petrol stations, car or bus fleets, taxi stop stations and other places where the vehicles need to commute in 10-30 minutes.

Circontrol presents its new global solutions for electric vehicle charging at eMove360º

Integration with carparks

The installation of EV charging stations in carparks it is going to be more important each day and Circontrol, with 10 years of experience manufacturing EV chargers and 16 in efficient parking management, is ready to face them. The synergy between parking and electric vehicles offered by Circontrol as been present twice in eMove360º, on the one hand, it has presented the integration of its EV chargers with parking solutions and, on the other hand, with the presentation of its project with Stockholm Parkering at eMove360º Forum.

Stockholm Parkering project has been presented by Joan Hinojo, Circontrol’s general manager. Stockholm Parkering manages more than 65.800 parking bays, of which 1.200 correspond to electric vehicles, a fact that demonstrate its commitment with electric mobility and is a Circontrol partner since 2016. At eMove360º Forum Hinojo has explained Tele2 Arena parking project, a carpark with 693 parking bays of which 20% are reserved for electric vehicles. In this carpark 160 charging points manufactured by Circontrol (WallBox eVolve Smart and Post eVolve Smart) have been installed. With the installation of so many charging stations Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system has been a key feature, in this case they’ve choose the premium version that allows building energy monitoring measuring the power used by the building and adjusting the power available for charging.

Apart from this project, Circontrol has shown in its eMove306º stand a solution that integrates efficient parking and EV charging solutions to help drivers locate EV charging bays thanks to indication with bay sensors or a better lightning with intelligent LED lightning system, and guidance and information with displays. Using also an Eccu-Park controller the operator can programme alarms in case of a charger failure or a fraudulent use of the EV charging bay and send reports about its occupation, usage or rotation, among other functionalities.

Circontrol presents its new global solutions for electric vehicle charging at eMove360º

More than chargers

The expansion of emobility presents a set of challenges that go beyond the installation of EV chargers. That’s why coinciding, with eMove360º, Circontrol has adapted by going further and turning into a service provider. For a long time Circontrol has offered different load management systems and devices, in addition to new Master-Slave presented at the fair.

Circontrol has also presented its new monitoring and reporting software designed to collect data of a set of chargers installed in the same spaces. COSMOS is a software designed for fleet managers, condominium administrators and carpark operators that want to subscribe and manage users, obtain information and create reports that allow a better management of the charging points or simulate invoices.

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