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CHARIN E.V. aims to promote an standard for electric vehicle charging worldwide

Circontrol, a leader company in development and manufacture of electric vehicle charging solutions, is now a member of CHARIN E.V. (Charging Interface Initiative E.V). CHARIN E.V. is an association founded by Audi, BMW, Daimler, Mennekes, Opel, Phoenix Contact, Porsche, TÜV SÜD and Volkswagen, that aims to develop, establish and promote a combined charging system (CCS) as an standard for electric vehicle charging worldwide.

electric vehicle charging solutions cover all charging possibilities, from domestic charging solutions to quick charging systems; currently having more than 25.000 charging stations installed all over the world.

Circontrol brings its innovative nature, experience and technological knowledge to the design and manufacture of charging equipments using CCS system.

About Circontrol
Circontrol is a manufacturer company that uses its own technology where innovation is a constant challenge. Founded in 1997 to bring solutions to mobility and emobility, since 2006 has developed an important career in international markets where they focus an 80% of its production. Circontrol is a renowned company and leader in its sector worldwide.

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