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eCarTec Munich, one of the most important trades in Europe dedicated to hybrid an electric vehicle, will take place between October 18th and 20th. On the last edition they gathered together 400 exhibitors and 12.000 visitors, that’s a 25.3% more visitors than in last year’s edition.

eCarTec Munich will cover all kind of issues regarding electric mobility: electric and hybrid vehicles, energy and infrastructure, energy storage, powetrain and finances. It will gather together engineers, fleet managers, decision makers from politics and cities and car dealers, among others.

In eCarTec Munich Circontrol will present its main novelties in electric vehicle charging solutions. One of the most important innovations is BeON sensor that, together with eHome charging station, allows electric vehicle’s domestic charging avoiding blackouts. BeON sensor synchronizes electric vehicle load with the house and adjusts it taking the consumption supported by the installation as a reference and allowing the vehicles load without increasing contracted power and avoiding blackouts.

Circontrol will also present its Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system, a solution that optimizes simultaneous charge for electric vehicles connected to the same electrical installation by monitoring the power supplied by the EV charger and managing and distributing the power available. DLM is designed for EV fleet, working spaces, communal blocks and car parks. There are two versions available: Standard and Premium. DLM Premium is designed for charging stations that share available power with the building.

Charging AC posts and CC ultraquick charging equipments (20kW and 50kW ChadeMo and CCS) will also be presented in eCarTec Munich.

We will be in Hall A5 Stand 411.

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Circontrol is a manufacturer company leader in its sector; with over 25.000 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations all over the world and more than 450 Car Parks managed by its own Green Parking Platform.

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