BARCELONA brings the firsts CIRCONTROL Universal Quick Charger in Spain

BARCELONA brings the firsts CIRCONTROL Universal Quick Charger in Spain

The first Circontrol universal Quick Charger in Barcelona

Barcelona intend to rapidly start the roll out of fast charging stations – on top of the already existing over 262 AC chargers part of the Movele plan – in order to keep positioning the city in the field of electric mobility, which held that “strengthens the Barcelona brand” and ranks first level of innovation and new technologies.

The latest project is the installation of the first Universal Quick Charger in Spain, from Circontrol, triple-outlet public chargers.

The CIRCONTROL TRIO Quick Charger is connected to “LIVE” network, provided by the Barcelona EV office. The unit feature both 50 kW CCS and CHAdeMO DC charging and a 43 kW Fast AC option (compatible with cars from Renault, Daimler and Tesla).

Barcelona chose CIRCONTROL for its proven expertise in developing and deploying EV charging networks” says company spokesman Moises Barea. “CIRCONTROL provides chargers and industry leading software solutions for remote management and connectivity to the “LIVE” electric vehicle city card subscriber.

The unit, which is located at a very strategic place at the Barcelona marina, has enjoyed its big opening during some of the first EV Nissan NV-200 (manufactured in Barcelona) and the BMW i3 as part of the launching dates for the electric scooter C Evolution.

CIRCONTROL , manufacturing company headquartered in Barcelona, founded in 1997 is a European leader in intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles (with over 7,000 charging points already in operation worldwide). If you need more information, contact us.

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